16/09/14. The journey begins

Having successfully bid and won the engine on eBay, we travelled to Hadleigh in Suffolk to pick it up and transport the engine home. The agreed price of £40 was paid and between three of us, we managed to lump it into the boot of my Ford Focus! Once home, I managed to roll it out on my own, but my cars bumper still bears the scars!! I then set about removing the water hopper and rocker cover plates. The valves were rusted and seized and the water hopper was full of rust. A sign of things to come?

2 thoughts on “16/09/14. The journey begins

    1. Thanks for your kind words Charlie. The only thing I’m lacking (apart from knowledge) is time. Things are moving slowly but hopefully I’ll get the old girl running again one day.

      Keep checking back for progress, however slow!!


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