20/08/17. YouTube Channel

I have created a YouTube channel called Lister D Type, to upload a few videos of the Lister and anything else I think may be of interest to like minded folk.

Currently there is a slideshow of the restoration of my Lister D and a video of the engine running:



2 thoughts on “20/08/17. YouTube Channel

  1. Hi, I’m looking for some advice on my D type – hope you can help. After completing an overhaul I am struggling to keep the engine running & getting a lot of soot on the plug. I’ve tried altering the mixture & adjusting the tension on the air intake spring & have ordered a new spark plug (here’s hoping!) but was wondering if it could be the performance of the magneto. I am getting a spark but it’s not that strong & I noticed in another of your video’s that you strip down a magneto where the coil is shot – how do I test the coil? I’d appreciate any advice you can offer, cheers, Colin.

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    1. Hi Colin, my apologies for not replying sooner.

      Yes, as you suggest, a weak spark could well be the problem with regards to sooting on the spark plug. Other things to check are the carburettor (not enough air / too much fuel) , and that the ignition timing is set correctly. A faulty spark plug, as you have pointed out, could also cause this.

      As for testing the mag, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t really know the answer. I did strip down a defective magneto on one of my videos, but my knowledge of them only extends to the mechanics. In the end I sourced a working magneto to replace this one. There are companies out there that do mag repairs / exchanges such as: http://www.themagnetoguys.co.uk/

      I hope you have some luck. Let me know if you manage to sort it.

      Best regards,


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