16/04/15. Is it a trolley or a barrow?

Today I collected the wonky wheel from Robert Cassidy, the engineering firm that I took it to. They have bored out the centre of the wheel to a larger diameter (approx. 30mm) and then inserted a steel sleeve with an internal diameter of 20mm to fit the axle. The sleeve is an interference fit inside the new hole which means it fits tightly and does not need any form of securing in place. I was charged £17.50 for the job, which wasn’t too bad. It was something I did not have the machinery to do myself.

With the repaired wheel, I was able to fit both wheels to the axle. I then cut the axle to length and drilled a 3mm hole at each end of the axle to allow me to fit a washer and an R-clip to keep everything secure.

The wheels may need a further coat of paint, as they have got pretty bashed about in the process. I now also need to paint the barrow style handles that I have got, and mark out and drill the holes in them in order to fit them to the trolley. Come to think of it, is it a trolley or a barrow? IMG_1477 (Medium)IMG_1476 (Medium)IMG_1478 (Medium)




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