02/06/2018. Woolpit Steam Fair

This was a first for me. A fairly local event, about 30 miles from my home, that I’d never been to before. I’m glad I went as it turned out to be a fantastic show, plenty of exhibits and an excellent selection of Stationary Engines to view. I’ve made a short video which can watch by clicking below. What made this event even more special is that it is outstanding value at £5 for the Saturday and £6 on Sunday. This is significantly less than many other shows that I attend.


22/04/18. Eastern Counties Vintage Show

The weekend of 21st & 22nd April 2018 heralded the return of the Eastern Counties Vintage Show, held at the Norfolk Showground near Costessey, Norwich.

This show features vintage & classic commercial vehicles, vintage & classic cars, motorbikes, tractors, military vehicles, tractor pulling and of course, the good old stationary engine section.

There were a good range of engines on display, all of which can be seen in this short video I have uploaded to YouTube. 

23/12/17. Christmas Crank Up!

For the final time this year I took the opportunity to get the Lister out and give it one last run in 2017, just in time for Christmas. You can watch the video on YouTube

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

I will be back with some new posts in 2018 as I have a few more jobs to do on the Lister. Who knows, I may even be looking for another engine!

19/08/17. Sparking into life!

IMG_6561 (Medium)

So nearly a full four years after buying the engine and probably three and a bit years spent working on it, she is running at last! There are still one or two jobs left to do, and there are some teething troubles, but nothing major. The fuel tap on the bottom of the petrol tank appears to leak. It’s not the threaded parts into the fuel tank or fuel pipe, but it seems to leak from the actual fuel tap itself. I’m not sure what to do about that, other than to buy a new tap. 

Consequently, getting her to run involves pouring some fuel directly into the float chamber, because I cannot chance fuel leaking out directly adjacent to a hot exhaust! This means she will only run for a few minutes, until the fuel in the float chamber has all gone. I will have to replace the fuel tap in order to fill the fuel tank and then I can run the D-type for an hour or so to see how she performs.

As for the magneto, the guy that was going to rewind the coil hadn’t even started it, despite having had it for three months! I decided to cut my losses and got him to send it back. I kept an eye on ebay for a couple of weeks and luckily I managed to get a working Lucas RS1 magneto for just over £50. This is what I have fitted in order to get her running. Sadly I missed the 75th anniversary by one day, but she ran again 75 years and one day after she was first delivered to her new owner on the 18th August 1942!

06/08/17. A very nearly finished engine!

Since my last post, I have fitted the petrol tank, the fuel tap and the pipe to the carburettor as well as fitting the magneto chain cover

IMG_6561 (Medium)

I am of course still waiting on the magneto, so as yet, there is no life in the engine.  There are still a few small cosmetic jobs to do, but I’m more or less ready to run. I hope that day will be soon!

IMG_6564 (Medium)

The fuel tap and pipe


IMG_6565 (Medium)

The magneto chain cover


IMG_6562 (Medium)

The carburettor and exhaust


IMG_6567 (Medium)

The all important Lister logo


IMG_6566 (Medium)

The (almost) finished restoration

As soon as she is running, I will make a video and post it on YouTube. I’ll put a link in from this blog, so you can have a look.