20/05/2015. Getting the right mixture?

Its been a while since I’ve done anything engine related. Being a back yard restoration means I’m heavily reliant on good weather, and although we’re well into May, there’s still quite a lot of rain around!

There are however, plenty of small jobs that I can still undertake indoors, even if it does upset the wife. The dining room table I’m informed, is not a substitute work bench!!

I thought I’d make a start on the carburettor. The carb that came with the engine, was missing its float chamber. Thankfully I managed to snap up a spare carb with its float chamber from good old eBay!

IMG_1506 (Medium)

The original carb, as removed from the engine


I hope to be able to use the original carburettor by adding the float chamber from the spare. In the mean time I’ll try and strip down, clean up and prime the carb so that it’s ready for its top coat of paint before reassembly. More pictures and updates to follow….

IMG_1505 (Medium)

The donor carburettor with the float chamber I require

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