25/09/2018. Pump Possibilities


IMG_6731 (Medium)

Argosy Domestic Pump

Several weeks ago, I eventually located a pump for sale on eBay that was relatively local to me, most of them that I’d previously seen having been at the opposite end of the country! Having been the successful bidder, the pump was duly collected and put in the shed.

Only now have I got around to having a look at it. It’s an Argosy domestic water pump, and was sold as spares/repair due to it not turning freely. I wasn’t overly concerned about this, because it was always my intention to strip it down and thoroughly service it anyway.

IMG_6732 (Medium)

Rust galore!


Having removed the top cover, I was instantly greeted by loads of rust! Subsequent removal of various other components has established that the stiffness in movement is caused by the piston in the bore. This shouldn’t be a major issue to resolve, providing that I can safely extract it.

IMG_6735 (Medium)

The main pump components removed

I hope to be able to salvage all the components, clean up the internals, and thoroughly grease the moving parts. I will also rub down, prime and paint the exterior. This will at long last provide a job for my D-type to do! I will post some more updates as I progress with the work

4 thoughts on “25/09/2018. Pump Possibilities

  1. Nice site,
    Did you manage to get the piston out of the pump ( I am looking at doing the same to my argosy pump )


  2. Hi Andrew. Thanks for your comment.
    I did manage to get the “piston” out, although in my case, it was more like a large rubber bush or washer. Definitely not an original part.

    I have since purchased leather cup washers which is what are used on the Lister Domestic pump. The Lister pump is very similar to the Argosy, so I’m hoping they will fit.

    Currently my pump is still in bits, so I won’t really know until I crack on with its restoration.
    Have a look at the Stationary Engine parts website, http://www.stationaryengineparts.com
    They sell a lot of spares for the Lister pump.

    Good luck with the work on your pump.

    Best regards,



  3. Hi Graham
    It’s been a while but I got the piston out of my Argosy pump, and it need new seals, they are not like the cup shape on a lister pump but simply flat seals X 2 , I couldn’t find ant spares at all so wondered if you got your seals sorted and if you could share a photo of them to see if they are the same as mine .


    1. Hi Andrew.
      Alas I am no further forward with my Argosy pump. I was going to experiment by using the cup washer/s as opposed to a flat seal. Only trial and error will provide the answer. I would suggest looking around for something similar to what you have taken out and see if that works.
      I hope to crack on with my pump this summer, so keep checking back as I will post any further work I carry out on here.
      Sorry I can’t help you on this occasion, best regards,



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