28/02/15. The Magneto part III

Today I dismantled the magneto again. Rubbed down the body of it with emery cloth, rubbed down and sprayed the coil cover with black paint. I stripped the old and crumbling insulation from the coil wires and replaced this with some heatshrink tubing and a new spade connector. Fitted new points and condenser as well as a new HT lead and a brass terminal. It now looks the part, but the bloody thing doesn’t spark anymore. I’m hoping it is something trivial and I will have to have a fiddle about with it to hopefully get it working again. It now looks presentable even if it doesn’t work! It’s not too much of an issue at the moment, as I’m months away from needing it. The mechanical restoration is going to take me quite a long time.

IMG_1480 (Medium)

The Lucas RS1 Magneto

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