11/07/15. Flaming Flywheel

As ever this restoration seems to go at one pace, dead slow! Today I thought I’d have another go at trying to get the pulley and ultimately the flywheel off the crankshaft.

IMG_2123 (Medium)

The pulley and flywheel


I thought that the application of some heat, may assist in trying to get the pulley to move. I’ve heated it, whacked it with a persuader and applied the puller again in the hope of getting it off.

IMG_2126 (Medium)

Applying some heat


I think the heat must have done something as although it has not moved outwards, it has moved in towards the flywheel when given a few taps with a large hammer.

Now I know that driving the pulley further onto the crankshaft is not the aim of this exercise, but it does prove that it will move and it has enabled me to file round the end of the crankshaft. The end of the shaft was quite bashed up and there was a raised edge which would prevent the pulley coming off if it was free.

IMG_2135 (Medium)

Removing burrs from the end of the crankshaft


I’m going to try some more heat and possibly apply some force from behind the pulley to see if it will budge. The pulley itself is cracked and not in very good shape, so wrecking it in its removal is not a problem.

IMG_2133 (Medium)

The puller vs. the pulley!


A last resort will be to undo the nuts behind the flywheel to extract the crankshaft, flywheel and pulley in one piece. If I do this, then I will probably seek help in trying to separate the pulley and flywheel from the shaft, possibly from someone with a hydraulic press.

I really need to get the engine block completely stripped so I can get on with cleaning it up and getting it painted. Then it can be mounted on the trolley and the process of putting the engine back together can begin.

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