19/07/15. Weeting Steam Rally

Ok, so this is not strictly about my restoration, but like all vintage machinery enthusiasts, I like to go to shows and rallies from time to time (although I’m just a spectator!)

Weeting Steam Rally & Country Fair at Fengate Farm, Weeting, Norfolk, is a fantastic show that offers something for everyone.

Like all good shows of this type, there’s always an excellent line up of stationary engines and there, of course, were a selection of Lister D-types to see. I snapped a few pictures of these for some inspiration and have posted them below.

Hopefully one day I too will be amongst the exhibitors with my old engine chugging away! Got to get it running first though.

Anyway, if you’re interested in a good show in Norfolk then you should look no further than Weeting. It is usually held around the 3rd weekend in July. Go to www.weetingrally.co.uk for more information.IMG_2247 (Medium)IMG_2252 (Medium)IMG_2253 (Medium)IMG_2245 (Medium)

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