21/07/15. Pulley Progress

Tonight after work I decided to have a go at that pulley again. I really want to shift the pulley and flywheel and get this restoration moving.

Last time I’d managed to hit the pulley further onto the crankshaft which kind of defeated the object of getting it off. It did however allow me to clean up the end of the crankshaft which itself was a bit battered. Tonight I used a huge car tyre lever and a crowbar to apply some force to the back of the pulley. It has moved forward about a 1/4″ and now the end of the crank is more or less flush with the end of the pulley. I’ve applied loads of penetrating oil and now I’ll leave it for a while to let it soak in. Hopefully now that it has moved in both directions, I’ll be able to “persuade” it to give up the fight and just come off. Fingers crossed!

IMG_2524 (Medium)

Movement at last!

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