03/10/15. Painting Progress II

The crankcase today received its third coat of engine enamel. I think I’ll stop at three. In between coats it was rubbed down with 600 grit wet and dry paper. At least now it has a decent barrier to protect it from the elements.

IMG_3845 (Medium) IMG_3846 (Medium)

I also have given the other smaller components (fuel tank, covers etc) two coats of Mid Brunswick Green. Admittedly it’s not the best paint job in the world, but then I’m not the greatest painter. It definitely helped by thinning the paint slightly, as enamel paint is quite thick and therefore prone to drips and sags. Working with this kind of engine or coach enamel involves applying the paint to an area fairly thickly, but then “laying” it off with the brush to draw it out and ensure an even application. This is all part of the learning experience of doing this engine restoration. You have to be prepared to turn your hand to many different tasks!

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