28/12/15. Trolley Progress

So with a sunny day came the opportunity to do a bit more work on the trolley. Namely to rub it down thoroughly and then apply a couple of coats of woodstain. I used some old Red Cedar preservative that I had knocking about. It’s the stuff that you’re meant to spray on to sheds and fence panels etc, but it was just what I needed to give the trolley frame a bit of colour.

IMG_4350 (Medium)

It was an easy job to apply just using a small sponge to gently cover all the surfaces. Once it was touch dry, I went over it again which gave a slightly deeper colour and a more even coverage.

Once it’s all dry, I shall apply a couple of coats of clear gloss varnish to protect it from the elements.

IMG_4351 (Medium)

There are a few light patches (where there are remnants of  wood filler), but I will go over these again prior to varnishing

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