24/03/16. Thank you!

World (Medium)

It’s nearly a year since I started this Blog, and I just wanted to thank everyone that has visited, from all around the world. I have had over 400 visitors from over 20 different countries. I know that posts have been a bit thin on the ground so far this year, but I hope to pick up the pace again and get some good photos on here to show what I have been up to.

Although there hasn’t been much work going on with regards to the restoration, I have been busy sourcing spare parts for engine and that of course takes time and MONEY!!!

IMG_5053 (Medium)

Just a selection of the parts I have acquired recently

Top purchase thus far has to be a set of new (old stock) Wellworthy Piston rings. I decided after all that I would replace the piston rings, as it is an easy enough job whilst the engine is in pieces. These came in at £22.50, which is less than half the cost of brand new pattern parts that I had seen advertised elsewhere.

IMG_5054 (Medium)

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