31/07/16. Houses, Sheds & Engines!

Once again I find myself apologising for leaving it so long since my last post. I have been extremely busy doing other things and consequently the Lister D-type restoration has fallen way down in my list of priorities.

The main reason for the hold up was that I purchased a house in April. When I say purchased, I mean the bank purchased it and I’m now a mortgage slave for the rest of my working life. On the plus side, I purchased the house that I had been renting for the last few years so it was the easiest house move ever!

Consequently I have splashed out and bought a brand new shed / workshop which will enable me to store the Lister engine in, but more importantly to work on it and hopefully get it finished.

IMG_6077 (Medium)

My lovely new shed

IMG_6078 (Medium)

A workbench, tools and the all important D-type

IMG_6079 (Medium)

A lucky horseshoe?

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