06/08/16. Trying to get on

With the new shed, there really is no excuse not to crack on with some more work. Firstly, the trolley handles. They were needing a second coat of paint and so that has been done.

IMG_6086 (Medium)

Trolley handles, freshly painted and drying in the August sunshine


There is still some red primer showing through, so despite the claim from the paint manufacturer of it being a one coat paint, it looks like three coats are going to be required.

Next up was the carburettor float chamber. Now I have a workbench and a vice, I was able to clamp the top of the float chamber in the soft jaws and remove it. The hexagonal part of the top of the float chamber was quite rounded off, so a spanner wasn’t much use, hence the vice coming into play.

IMG_6087 (Medium)

The float chamber upside down, held firmly in soft jaws to protect the casting

This allowed me to remove the top of the float chamber and extract the float. The components can be seen below

IMG_6089 (Medium)

The float chamber laid bare


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