19/02/17. Piston Progress

I have spent a couple of hours today getting various parts back on the engine. Most importantly I’ve refitted the piston and crankshaft. I have also put on the oil filler and fitted the splashguard back in the sump. Prior to starting work I used a vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose pieces of metal and detritus that had accumulated in the bottom of the engine block since I first cleaned it out with paraffin, many moons ago!


The oil filler “K” fitted with a paper gasket

I had intended to use a piston ring compressor to drop the piston back down the bore, but as it turned out, I just squeezed the rings in gently whilst tapping the piston with a rubber mallet.


Dropping the piston down the bore

A paper gasket was put in place ready for the fitting of the crankshaft.


Crankshaft gasket

 This was also the time to fit the splashguard before fitting the crankshaft


Crankcase Splashguard


Starting to look like an engine again!

I also took this opportunity to fit both oil drain plugs and fill the crankcase with oil


Oil poured in through the open crankcase


Oil filler shown up to correct level


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