14/04/17. Happy Easter!

IMG_6299 (Medium)

Spring has sprung!

Well, here we are. It’s Good Friday again and one year on, the engine still is not finished but progress has been made.

This time last year I was grinding the valves in the cylinder head which still only bore a coat of red oxide primer. The valves are now in (with new springs), the cylinder head has been painted in Mid Brunswick Green and I’ve moved onto starting to put everything back together again.


IMG_6298 (Medium)

The timing gear casting and its associated governor components

Firstly the timing gear casting was fitted back to the crankcase. Notice the spanner I’ve left on the nut closest to the governor housing. This is always the last nut (when removing) and the first nut (when refitting) to tackle. Unfortunately I’d forgotten that, and did all the other nuts up before realising this!

If you offer up the casting to the studs and just slide them slightly on, you can then use a pair of long nose pliers to get this nut into position and get a couple of turns of it onto the stud. I should point out that there was also a paper gasket put into place before this was done.


IMG_6300 (Medium)

The crankcase cover

IMG_6301 (Medium)

Governor cover plate fitted

Next up was the crankcase cover was put back in place with a new gasket. Notice that a stud is missing. I have ordered a replacement and will fit this in due course. Finally the governor cover was bolted back on, including the push rod that the weights push out to slow the engine speed. I have left the magneto bracket for now, as I also need to source new bolts to secure the mag onto the bracket, and one of these needs to be fitted prior to attaching the bracket to the rest of the casting.

Next time I’ll be taking a look at the flywheel.




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