26/05/17. Bits & Pieces

Apologies for not having posted anything recently. It’s not that things haven’t been going on, but I’ve not had the time to post any updates. Since I’ve last been here I’ve finished painting the flywheel and applied the direction arrow transfer.

IMG_6365 (Medium)

Newly painted flywheel with decal

In addition to this, I have touched up the paint in various places on the engine block. I have also refurbished the carburettor and replaced one or two components to bring it up to a standard.

IMG_6341 (Medium)

The carburettor rubbed down and ready for paint

I have totally stripped the carb down and then given it a coat of paint to hopefully give it a new lease of life.

IMG_6362 (Medium)

The refurbished carburettor…

IMG_6363 (Medium)

….and from above

As well as the above I also had to pay attention to the cylinder head and engine block. There was a small amount of pitting and rust around the area where the water jacket meets the engine block. I decided to apply a small amount of Chemical Metal (Plastic Padding) filler to the affected areas. This is mainly to ensure a good seal when the cylinder head is fitted. I do not want any leaks!

IMG_6359 (Medium)

Filler applied to the engine block……

IMG_6360 (Medium)

….and the cylinder head

The filler will be sanded back flush with the block and the head. This will hopefully remove any concerns about leaks prior to fitting the cylinder head and the new gasket.

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