26/06/17. Governor / throttle linkage

IMG_6469 (Medium)

Since I last posted an update, I have fitted the newly painted exhaust. Today I set out to fit the governor linkage that connects the governor to the carburettor, which acts as a speed control for the engine.

I had to remove the governor housing cover, in order to fit the horizontal rod. This is just a push fit into the post that screws into the crankcase. Notice at this end there is a spring washer sandwiched between two flat washers. The opposite end (the governor end) there is a brass screw and lock nut that allow you to adjust the side to side movement. Ideally it should prevent any side to side movement, but still allow the rod to turn freely when acted upon by the governor.

IMG_6473 (Medium)

The vertical rod fits into the horizontal rod via a forked end piece and a small steel rod held in place with split pins. The upper end connects to the carburettor and also to a spring and a hook, which allows for adjustment to be made to the speed of the engine.

I also took the opportunity to apply the remaining waterslide transfers to the cylinder head. Not the easiest of jobs! I’ve just about got away without any creases, but it is a tricky thing to get them on, given that they are so thin and fragile. Once they are thoroughly dry, I’ll probably go over them with some clear lacquer to add a bit of protection to them.

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