16/07/17. Weeting Steam Rally

On the weekend of 14th, 15th & 16th of July 2017 was the annual Weeting Steam Rally in Suffolk. This is a relatively local show to me and has grown over the years to be quite a significant event on the calendar of any vintage enthusiast. There is always a superb collection of Steam Traction engines, Tractors, Vintage cars and Trucks and of course Stationary Engines!

I took the opportunity to photograph as many as I could. Naturally I was particularly interested in the Lister D-types on show, but there were a lot of other fine looking engines that also drew my attention.

There was an interesting D-type powered cement mixer, that was running on the day. 

IMG_6546 (Medium)IMG_6547 (Medium)

As well as a few other examples…..

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