18/04/2020. Pump Progress

My apologies for not having posted in a long time, but there has been so much going on, that the D-Type and indeed the side project with the pump, have fallen behind somewhat.

I have finally fully dismantled the Argosy pump and have started the preparations for paint. Initially I intend to clean up and prime all the component parts in red oxide paint, largely to protect them from further rust, given that they may sit around for a while before getting a top coat in enamel paint.

To begin with, I used an 80 grit flap disc attached to the angle grinder to remove the worst of the old paint, rust and burrs. It was surprising (as it was with the Lister D), as to how many imperfections there were in the original casting, which left a lot of rough surfaces.

IMG_7117 (Medium)

An 80 grit flap disc attached to the angle grinder

I then moved on to using an 80 grit detail sander to get in to all the detailed areas and to hopefully cover all of the castings. The Argosy pump in many ways reminds me of the Lister D-Type. It seems to be very robust, and over engineered. I think if they made anything similar today, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as heavy duty or tough.

IMG_7118 (Medium)

The various component parts of the pump

I also managed to drive the crankshaft out of the main casting, by several gentle blows on the flywheel end of the crankshaft. The bearings look in really good shape and so I will leave them as they are, and not attempt to remove them from the shaft.

This time I have sourced an aerosol can of red oxide primer, as opposed to the tin of red oxide paint that I applied with a brush to the Lister D. I will be interested to see how this turns out in comparison.


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