02/05/2020. PUMP PAINTING

With all the Argosy pump component parts rubbed down, they were then wiped over with a rag dipped in white spirit to remove any remaining dirt.

I decided to use an aerosol can of red oxide primer, for ease of application and to do away with having to clean up brushes etc. It went on very well and is fast drying. Subsequent coats can be applied after 5 minutes. All the mating surfaces for other component parts were masked off, and bits of clean rag stuffed in the various apertures to prevent paint going everywhere.

IMG_7122 (Medium)

The main pump body prepared for painting

The main benefit of getting all the components coated in primer at this stage is to prevent any further rust developing, before I can get the main enamel coat of paint applied. I had previously rubbed down some of the parts some time ago, but being left in the shed meant that they soon started to develop some surface rust again.

IMG_7123 (Medium)

The first coat of red oxide primer

As one would expect, the application of any paint immediately highlights any imperfections or flaws in the casting. Just like the Lister D, the castings are far from perfect, with many rough edges and burrs being apparent.

IMG_7124 (Medium)

The air vessel with distinctive Argosy logo

I have ordered the enamel paint that I will finish the pump in. I was unsure of exactly what shade to use, the existing paint appeared to be a matt finish in a light green, far lighter than the Mid Brunswick green used on the D-Type. I settled on a colour called Union Green from Craftmaster Paints. This I have also ordered in a 400ml aerosol version, again for ease of application. The D-Type was also done with Craftmaster enamel, but from a tin and mixed with thinners to aid application with a brush.


IMG_7125 (Medium)

The main components, resplendent in red oxide

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