20/09/15. Fuel Filler II

Whoa! Three posts in one day! More has happened today than I ever dreamed possible. What with all the excellent progress with the pulley and flywheel removal, I have also made good progress with the fuel tank. Having filled the dents and rubbed the tank down again, I was able to give it a coat of red oxide primer and tick another item off the list of things to do. I am expecting a delivery this week of a litre of Mid Brunswick Green paint, sourced from Craftmaster Paints, who are based in Over in Cambridgeshire, UK. They have a good reputation for supplying high quality engine enamel and other paints for the heritage restoration market.

You can find out more of what they offer by going to: http://www.craftmasterpaints.co.ukIMG_3804 (Medium)IMG_3803 (Medium)

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