07/08/16.Carburettor Capers

Today I had a couple of things I wanted to do. Firstly, I wanted to assemble the trolley/barrow (still not sure). This was a priority because I need it done to start building the engine back up in situ on the trolley. I finished painting the handles and then fitted them and attached the wheels. It still needs a little bit of paint here and there, but overall I’m pleased with it.

IMG_6093 (Medium)

The finished article

My second job was to look at the carburettor. I had intended to use the original carb that came with the engine. I had in the meantime acquired a spare carburettor, purely to use the float chamber which my engine was lacking. However I had no luck in removing any of the screws from the original carb, despite a generous soaking in oil, so I gave up.

IMG_6090 (Medium)

The (red) donor carburettor mounted in the soft jaws of the vice to remove the screws

The donor carb came apart easily, so I shall just rub it down and paint it the appropriate Lister green, ready to fit to the engine. I’ll try to clean up the brass components and generally make it look a bit tidier.

IMG_6092 (Medium)

The Carburettor stripped and laid out

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