06/08/17. A very nearly finished engine!

Since my last post, I have fitted the petrol tank, the fuel tap and the pipe to the carburettor as well as fitting the magneto chain cover

IMG_6561 (Medium)

I am of course still waiting on the magneto, so as yet, there is no life in the engine.  There are still a few small cosmetic jobs to do, but I’m more or less ready to run. I hope that day will be soon!

IMG_6564 (Medium)

The fuel tap and pipe


IMG_6565 (Medium)

The magneto chain cover


IMG_6562 (Medium)

The carburettor and exhaust


IMG_6567 (Medium)

The all important Lister logo


IMG_6566 (Medium)

The (almost) finished restoration

As soon as she is running, I will make a video and post it on YouTube. I’ll put a link in from this blog, so you can have a look.






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